Sales For Non Sales People

Sales For Non Sales People

Course Code: CONSULTS
Duration: ½ Day
Delivered: Virtually

This programme is for you if you want to dramatically improve your engagement and relationships with your clients and customers. We will be looking to build upon existing customer service and call handling skills to deliver a ‘world class’ customer experience. Working collaboratively with clients and customers we will help participants build rapport quickly with customers, organise themselves effectively and deal with customer expectations positively.


On completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Build on existing customer service skills
• Develop participants’ understanding of the control they have over how a client feels, the decisions they make and to push back assertively
• Develop skills for creating rapport, empathy and enhanced client engagement
• To quickly identify the client’s needs, wants and ‘signals’
• To use ‘above the line’ language and phraseology to improve the customer experience and manage expectations
• Develop questioning skills that provide depth and breadth to our understanding
• How to create ‘advocacy’ with your clients
• Understand the need for a winning ‘exit’
• Create future actions to embed the learning and make a difference