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A Traineeship is a government funded training programme that focuses on giving young people the skills and experience that future employers require. The main aims are to prepare young people for work, high quality work experience and if needed additional training on English and Maths.

Traineeships give young people the helping hand they need to compete for apprenticeships and other jobs.

Key Traineeships can last up to 24 weeks during which time the learner will be with the employer full time gaining a valuable insight into the world of work. Just like our top quality apprenticeships the trainee is allocated a Learning Coach who will visit them in the workplace to develop the qualities and skills that the employer is looking for and if necessary Maths and English.

Also just like our apprenticeships, trainees are recruited through the same excellent recruitment service that our employers have come to expect. So you can be assured that the trainee will be able to contribute to your business as much as you can to their future.



By offering a work placement to a young trainee your business will:
• Access a £1,000 government grant per Trainee (up to a maximum of 10)
• Benefit from cost effective recruitment and further grants if you offer permanent employment/apprenticeship to your Trainee once the programme has ended
• Support the national effort to reduce the potential impact on youth employment
• Help existing staff develop their mentoring and management skills by supporting Trainee

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