Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

The Mental Health Foundation has shared the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is loneliness. The awareness event lasts from 9th until 15th May and is a chance to step back and consider the importance of our own mental health and checking in on others too.

Loneliness has become more prevalent a problem since the Coronavirus pandemic. Our requirement to isolate left many people without any day-to-day contact with others and made loneliness an even more significant force in their lives. It is vital to raise awareness of loneliness and find ways to combat that problem before it becomes more serious.

Loneliness and Poor Mental Health

There is a growing link between loneliness and poor mental health. It can also be a product of poor mental health as people suffering may isolate themselves from those they love and find it hard to socialise.

Technology has become an important focus in all aspects of society but the more we rely on it, the less we may interact face-to-face on a regular basis. Technology is enabling the healthcare sector too. Doctors can see patients without the need to travel and this can drive patients to online and video appointments. However, for many, the chance to be seen in person could be vital to minimising the impact of loneliness or finding solutions to related mental health concerns.

The rise of home and hybrid working has also meant more people are isolated from their work colleagues. Working from home can be great for flexibility but not necessarily an ideal situation for people who may enjoy and thrive off the in-work environment. Some people may not have large families or friendships outside of work, so the workplace can become a lifeline for managing loneliness and getting some social interaction. Making meaningful connections with your colleagues is harder, but not impossible, using virtual means. It is vitally important for employers to do their bit and ensure their employees still have access to high quality support, whether they work in the office or from home.

Mental Health Awareness Training

More workplaces are investing in focused mental health awareness training. Some also appoint a dedicated mental health first aider to ensure there is someone adequately trained and able to help anyone experiencing poor mental health or related symptoms. Training courses such as Supporting Employees Mental Health, our Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health First Aid and Level 2 Certificate in Children and Young People’s Mental Health are all valuable options for employers committed to treating mental health seriously. Just like any health concern, employees’ mental health needs to be protected and supporting.

This Mental Health Awareness Week is a chance to explore your workplace’s solutions and support services. If you need any help or guidance in improving your offering, our team can help.