National Apprenticeships Week 2022: Discover More with Key Training

National Apprenticeships Week 2022: Discover More with Key Training

National Apprenticeship Week has come around again. In 2022 the celebration is back from 7th until 13th February and at Key Training we are offering an extensive range of discovery events, giving you the chance to find out more about some of our most popular apprenticeships. The week is celebrated across the UK with many organisations getting involved.

For 2022 the theme is “build the future” and it’s centred around how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills they need for a rewarding career. It’s also a chance for employers to see the real value an apprentice can bring to their workforce.

Let’s look more closely at our discovery sessions over the next few weeks.

Business Administration Apprenticeship Discovery Session

Running on 2nd February our Business Administration Apprenticeship Discovery session offers an informative look at how this programme could benefit your future. The webinar is being led by Lauren and Darren who will give you insight into our Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship. You will find out all about how we cover the teaching element of the course as well as examples of the practical learning you may experience.

Data Technician and Analyst Apprenticeship Discovery Session

Data experience and knowledge is becoming one of the most important skills in any worker’s arsenal. A career in data offers up a huge range of opportunities and our data technician and analyst apprenticeship gives you direct entry into this world. Our Data Technician and Analyst Apprenticeship Discovery Session is running on 3rd February and will be run by Lauren and Kumar in another informative webinar. You’ll find out all about our Data Technician Level 3 and Data Analyst Level 4 apprenticeships.

ICT Apprenticeship Discovery Session

More and more businesses are embracing digital transformation and so ICT skills are in high demand. Running on 3rd February Jack and Kumar will give you direct insight into our Information Communication Technician Level 3 apprenticeship. Find out more about our learning modules and also the kinds of work placements which fit with this programme.

Customer Service Practitioner L2 Apprenticeship Discovery Session

Customer service can be the deciding factor which brings customers back to a business, and careers in this field can be extremely rewarding. Our Customer Service Practitioner L2 Apprenticeship Discovery Session is running on 11th February. In this webinar Matthew and Alexis will talk you through the highlights of our programme and how it may benefit your career in the customer service sector.

Recruitment Consultant L3 Apprenticeship Discovery Session

The world of recruitment and HR always needs new people with a passion for finding others their perfect role. Our Recruitment Consultant L3 Apprenticeship Discovery Session is a chance to discover more about how you can enjoy an amazing career in recruitment with the right training. The webinar is running on February 15th and Lauren and Rebecca will be taking the helm and providing insights into exactly what a career and apprenticeship in recruitment may bring.

Management Apprenticeship Discovery Session

Any future leaders looking to pave a pathway forward to management still need their skills testing. Our Management Apprenticeship Discovery Session is led by Matthew and Nick and will give you greater insight into our Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship. An apprenticeship isn’t just for school leavers and this high-level of training can be the perfect beginning of a great managerial career.

Recruitment Resourcer L2 Apprenticeship Discovery Session

On February 22nd Jack and Lisa are leading our discovery session focused on our Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 Apprenticeship. Roles in recruitment are always in demand as we always need people in charge of finding talent for our organisations. In this webinar, you will find out where a recruitment apprenticeship may take you and how your learning schedule may stack up.

Customer Service Specialist L3 Apprenticeship Discovery Session

Careers in customer service are always in demand and can be the difference between a company’s success and failure. In this webinar Jack and Nick will give you an insight into the Customer Service Specialist Level 3 apprenticeship. Customer service specialists can become experts in their field and the chance to progress a rewarding career in customer service is further improved by the right level of training. Running on 25th February, this discovery session is a chance to see where a career in customer service can lead you.

National Apprenticeship Week is a chance to celebrate what apprenticeships can do for individuals but also for organisations. We hope you will attend some of our sessions and find out what our apprenticeships can do for you.